Saturday, August 25, 2007

Adventures in camping land

So far this summer we have been camping three times, two been very successful and last night being not so amazing!

Our first night camping was at a gorgeous, isolated spot along some river in New Gate, we arrived early in the afternoon, fished for awhile, swam in one of the pools, forced the puppy to swim, set up camp, had a delicious rice pasta dinner, gold panned, had ho.cho with hooch and then slept on our lovely air mattress. The next morning we had a yummy breakie, fished, broke down camp and fished some more.

Our next attempt, went just as well, arrived before dinner at Garland Bay South, which is North of Riondel, grabbed the only isolated campsite, fetched water (I made Blair), hiked down to the beach, hung out, made a yummy rice pasta dinner, had ho.cho without hooch, watched some 'whose line is it anyways' and slept on our lovely air mattress.

Last night we had gross pizza before we headed off to Horseshoe Lake, found an isolated campsite (yah 4x4), set up and realized we had forgotten the air mattress... BOOO we improvised and my shoudlers are a bit sore, but it wasn't horrible, glad we brought two blankets that's for sure! Fished, had ho.cho (no hooch for me), the dog swam and then we went to bed on our hard truck bed liner padded by a think blanket! Woke up and ate granola bars, broke down camp and drove home! We were there for a total of 12 hours, but hey better than being bored at home I guess. Pictures of darkness to follow!


Hanna said...

eagerly awaiting pics

Jen said...

aww. Barb! But it was definitely better than just hanging out at home!
Did you guys get a new vehicle?

barb said...

yes, we now have a 2005 Toyota Tacoma Quad Cab

it lets us do fun stuff, haul stuff (like dj equipment and reno stuff) AND it's fuel effiecient-ish (compared to other mid sized 4x4 trucks)