Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here's my yoga bag... but I just bought new yoga clothes so I might need to make another one that matches my clothes...

I made delicious banana chocolate chip walnut cupcakes and cake, so moist and yummy with cream cheese icing!

My Mommy's amazing 7 layer sandwiches... so good I'm in love with garden tomatoes!

There goes the neighbourhood!

There's more to come... I'm a busy girl!


Karenee said...

It is absolutely no fair to post such yummy pictures and not tell what's in the sandwich!

Apparently you are "deer"ly beloved. All we get here are squirrels and rabbits. Sooo pretty!

Hanna said...

Haha, I was talking with your niece about her birthday and she said that her cake didn't have real icing, it only had cream cheese icing.

She thinks I'm crazy because I like it better than real icing