Thursday, October 18, 2007


Let's see, we leave for Florida tomorrow, well Spokane, because we have a 6am Saturday flight, and I still have to...

+ do laundry
+ pack for me and Blair
+ get Izzie's stuff ready for the kennel
+ go to yoga [edit: wasn't feeling good, so I stayed home and got more accomplished!]
+ clean my fridge
+ prep my bathroom ceiling, actually I have to make Blair do that because it's a blue job and tape off my guest room ceiling because they're both getting painted while we're gone
+ wait impatiently for my TQS card and bring it and my BCCOT certification to the board office so that I can teach when I get back... I really hope I get my TQS card before 2pm tomorrow, so fingers crossed!!
+ make another stuffed pea (maybe)
+ wash our bedding and aactually re-make the bed

I tidied the house last night because friends came over to watch top model on the projector :) So it's nice that I'm done with that, and I did get most of the laundry done, just not folded or put away!

I'm not looking forward to fitting toiletries into a quart bag and making sure my containers are 3oz or less... I think I'll check most of it, I mean were going to Florida, and if worse comes to worse I'll just buy new stuff... because WE GOT OUR MONEY from selling the lot... which means we get to go on vacay again in either January or February...

Well I've over stayed my welcome and I'm now late for work!!

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