Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So, I've been hibernating a bit lately... I've been really busy with work and am attempting some semblence of a social life... I wish I could say that all week I've been slaving away at the promotion ad below (being printed in much better quality, blogger doesn't like 25mb files, by Modern Postcard as 6.5"x8" ad mailers), but I actually didn't start that until about 11 am yesterday and finished it around 10 am today! My boss wanted it done by 4pm, but I was pretty sure that while I am amazing, I'm not quite that special. So I called the company and apparently 4pm was the exact same as 1pm today, so I told my boss that I had changed my deadline thanks to this information! Thanks to Sarah & Hanna for listening to me rant and solving all my questions!!

I have big news that's gonna be coming out soon!

Oh and Christmas is at my house this year, so I'm stoked that I get a tree and I get to decorate my house!!!! Oh, the fun I will have!!


Jen said...

you can't just say you have big news and not say it!

Karenee said...

If that's not a teaser, then advertising doesn't deserve the term. News! News!

Oh, and the brochure is very nice.

Karenee said...

Wait... postcard...ad... It's nice!

Sarah, Grand-Duchess of Serendipity said...

You're very welcome.