Wednesday, January 23, 2008

20 Week Ultrasound

The baby was all sleepy and not moving much at all during the ultrasound and even if it was moving and showing its parts, the technician still won't tell me if it's a boy or a girl because BC is dumb, so we booked a 3d ultrasound in Calgary. We're having it on Feb 13... right after our 2 week trip to the Dominican Republic... which no one knows about since I really suck at updating...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Only 57 minutes left of boring, boring Sunday work left... I haven't worked a Sunday since July... I had no idea they could be THIS BORING! I entered new pricing for most of our paint products, so I did math for a glorious 2 hours and I have dusted a bit and now I am simply wasting time and watching it creep by!

I actually told Blair that I would rather be doing laundry or vacuuming the bedrooms today!

In my attempt to make time speed up I caved in and looked at the Flylady page... and joined... but I already know that I will not be following the rules... sorry but I'm living in knee deep crap I just need a system and to be told how to thoroughly clean my kitchen and how decide what gets to stay and what is on it's way out... so yes... I will be cheating and jumping way ahead of the very slow 30 day intro... seriously, I will not be putting post it notes up around my house, or laying out my clothes the night before... it's just not the kind of help I need!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A look back on a year of BIG changes...

Let's see... what all happened last year... Most of these are actually pretty big deals... graduation, puppy, truck, pregnancy... but over the course of the year they didn't seem so drastic!!

January - March: Practicum from H-E-L-L.

February: I got my early graduation present - Izzie our Jack Russel / Fox Terrier cross.

March: Finished my Bachelor of Education from UVic and graduated with distinction

April - May: Grandma had a whack of strokes and spent far too much time in the hospital, on the small up-side lots of relatives came up to visit.

May: Bought our new-to-us Toyota Tacoma.

June -August: Friends Matt & Jamie, and their son Haelen stayed with us, while Matt did his Rural Doctor practicum. Lots of time spent on walks and at the water's edge. Blair & I also started to DJ weddings for Just Music. And the power went out lots for LONG time periods.

August: Blair and I packed a lot of vacation in one week.

September: I got pregnant and didn't even know it. I also avoided TOC-ing and started sewing.
October: Found out I was pregnant. Continued to avoid TOC-ing. Spent two weeks of fun in the non-sun in Florida, but had a great time none-the-less and got to catch up with family (AND Leslie, though there are no pictures to prove it). We also sold half of our property and cut our mortgage almost in half!

November: Finally interviewed for the TOC list. Had my first ultrasound.

December: Got Christmassed out!