Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3D Ultrasound Pictures

These are from March 19th, which makes Baby No Name 28 weeks and 2 days in these glamour shots.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

So... because I am SO mature... I ordered the new cable last monday and am waiting so impatiently for it to come and reconnect me with my plastic boyfriend!! It's weird using Blair's computer because his desktop is set up all strange and I have none of my bookmarks or tab groups and he won't let me take the auto-hide off of the start bar thing and all of this together drives me crazy... that and the fact that this computer controls the tv, so if one of us is watching tv the other one can't go online... which makes me sad because I love curling up on the couch with my laptop while Blair watches shows that I don't care about... because in our house we call this couple time!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh poor sad laptop!

Stupid Blogger ate my freaking post!

Here it goes again... but the shorter version...

my laptop cord died and my therefore my laptop is useless like a plastic brick that growls (because it does)... when my battery died I found out that crod had thus died... therefore no access to pretty information. Friends of ours have a twin laptop and are letting us borrow the cord for the weekend so that I can back up my schtuff and we can do our DJ gig on staurday!

For $100+ USD (with purchase, shipping and duty) I can get a replacement cord... or I can buy a new laptop for about $700+ CDN...

Which would you do... I just really want a new laptop, since I was supposed to get one for christmas but finally decided that Blair was right and it was wasteful to replace a functioning (dinosaur) laptop for a faster, speedier, sexier more loaded one... BUT now does it make sense to spend over $100 on a stupid old laptop when I could just buy a new one that will be so much better...

I think you kow what I want to do (Im pretty transparent), but what SHOULD I do???

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Here we go... I'm sure Hanna is really the only one who cares...

Fabric #1 - I'm thinking that this will be the crib skirt. The grey dots are actually silver...

Fabric #2 - I think that this will be one side of the bumper pad and that the first fabric will be the opposite side. Opinions on bumper pads will be accepted.

There is also a quilted fabric that matches them, that I will use to fake a baby quilt!

Helen Ige mobile... I lovelovelove this, it's made from walnut veneer, and I WILL be ordering it this week!

Crib, not sooo set on this... the is is DaVinci Emily crib in Espresso... I'm pretty sure I want the furniture to be dark wood, but I also want something that doesn't have reviews about chipping finishes... I'm going to look at store around here to see what they have... I really want the Oeuf Sparrow crib but $650 seems a tad pricey.
The deer are from ImagiPLAY and they're only $5 USD for a pair, I think they'll help with the foresty theme without taking it too far!

Still need to convince Blair to make me these West Elm shelves... perhaps the $100 USD price tag and the fact that I want more than one wil help!

I WANT Ugli dolls!!

It's not foresty at all but I love this Binth numbers poster and the colours seem to have the right tone.

Time just flies by...

Okay, so I'm a bad person and it's been over a month since you've heard evena peep from me...

Let's see... the Dominican Republic was amazing! I was sick for the trip over there and the first two days which was NOT amazing because I could only take tylenol, which helped with the fever but obviously did nothing for the head congestion!

We are having a boy! Which is great and all, because it doesn't effect my nursery planning abilities... it does however mean that the clothes will just never be quite as cute... and really all the pink & green girlies clothes I keep seeing make me cry a little in the materialistic part of my heart... (just for you Hanna)... and and it also means that the 3 huge boxes of baby clothes sitting in my basement are useless for the time being... so also no reusing of baby clothes... but, never fear, I've been keeping myself occupied by buying cute things for the little guy when I see them... and most often when they're on sale too!!

We're going to a a pirate themed wedding at the end of the summer and I've even got his outift all ready!! Becuase apparently nautical is in for babies right now, so I figured I should get it while I can... so he'll wear a cute red & white striped distressed onsie, jeans and black crocheted eye patch (a seller on etsy will make me a baby sized one for like $4 shipped), and I'm sewing him a fleecy parrot to complete his ensemble... what will Blair & I wear... who cares, but the child in my womb is totally decked out!!

Nursery post is on it's way...