Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nursery Layout

So I've been playing around in photoshop for around 1.5 hours trying to decide on the most logical nursery layout... and now my whopping 5 readers get to help me choose the winning layout!

note: the blank spaces in front of the desk and dresser show how much the drawers come out...

Layout #1

Layout #2

Layout #3

Layout #4

Layout #5

Layout #6

Layout #7

Layout #8


Kerry said...

#1 and #7 are my faves!

Your nursery is going to be so cute. Post pics when you have it set up!

Kait said...

Honey, you have too much furniture in that room. Take it from me, you'll trip on something, or (as happened to us) you'll drop something while holding your baby, and when you stand up you'll hit that poor baby right on the head! :) If you can handle it, I would recommend taking out the desk and the chair. Most mamas don't nurse in the nursery (and you can sit on the bed instead), so you'll get more use out of it in another room. If you can handle it, you might find that you want to nurse laying down, as well.

So, if you take out the chair and the desk, I vote for Layout 3. The reasons being that you as baby gets bigger (not a big deal when (s)he's really small) you'll be able to listen at the door without baby seeing you, or you can peek around the corner, if you want. The only reason I would change my mind is if the crib is directly under a window.

If you're going to be changing the baby on top of the dresser, you won't want it in the closet once the baby starts to reach for things - they'll just be squirming around to get to the hangers/bar above them.

I hope that you're able to settle on a solution for you!

Hanna said...

we are all looking together. Of those choices 7 is best however:

a) what's with the desk? What purpose does it serve?

b) can you not put the double bed the other way, along the wall above the closet? Or is that wall too short?

Karenee said...

You will want the chair, so scratch #8. Feeding baby in bed is fun, but it helps stay awake if you don't have the option of just tipping over and snoozing.

#3 is my favorite. Chair convenient to crib for holding baby, desk across the room so baby doesn't start to think Mommy HAS to be in sight at all times. Walking-room seems to be more convenient. If there's room to walk through between the chair and the bed while carrying a load of laundry, then you're set. *grin*

Wow, lots of planning going on here. Congrats!

barb said...

I've added a bit more information that might clarify some options