Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So Many Things!!

Wow... there are so many things that we've already bought for when the baby comes, but still so many things I have to pick up (and even pick out... like a car seat... oops!)

And today I remembered that I should pack a hospital bag before labour begins, so I'm working on that, but even with this I'm finding that there are plenty of things that I need to buy! (like a nightgown?? and a bathrobe?? and slippers?? and the bulkiest, ugliest sanitary pads ever known to man??)

We're going to Nelson at the end of the long weekend so I should hopefully be able to get some shopping done there at Mountain Baby and Annie's, and then whatever I can't get I'll buy here at Bumbletree and online! Apparently things like nursing bras are handy to have before you go into labour.

This has been a very expensive week for baby things, but it's because I realized that I need to buy this stuff NOW or I won't have anything when the baby comes expect a crib without a mattress and a stroller bassinet without a stroller! I did all my research and planning for most of this stuff months ago, and just put off purchasing it (in case something better came along!)

So far this week I've ordered the stroller, the hammock (instead of a bassinet or cradle), muslin swaddle wraps, breast pump, nursing pillow, pouch style sling, pretty wall decals from etsy that are trees and hedgehogs... to the tune of around $1500 and after all that my crib still doesn't have a matress (which is fine because the baby won't use it for quite awhile).
And even with all of that I still haven't chosen a car seat (Michiya & Elizabeth have a REALLY nice peg perego one that they mentioned I could borrow, now I'm just waiting to see if that'll work out, so in the meantime a friend offered to lend us hers so that we can do important things, like take the baby home from the hospital).

This week I need to buy a contoured changing pad and get a small stash of newborn and size 1 7th generation diapers.

We're going to Calgary on my birthday weekend because Blair is picking up more softubs and while we're there we'll buy the dresser at Ikea, not my first choice for qulaity but I'll get over it...
I really hope the baby doesn't come before then or decide to come while we're on our way there or back!

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Kait said...

Here are a few tips for hospital packing:

1. Take a package of undies (like fruit of the loom) that you don't mind throwing out when you're done. Also: buy the always overnights with wings - they're thin and relatively comfortable. Don't go hog wild - just get a regular sized package, your bleed not last as long as you think it will.
2. Get a bathrobe/nightgown, but leave the tags on. You might not use them, so you can return it if you want. I took a night gown, and I totally didn't use it. Don't take your favourite slippers - if you're wandering around waiting to dilate and your water breaks on them you'll be sad. Make sure whatever slippers you do use have grips on the bottom - you don't want to feel unsteady when you're worrying about labour.
3. Use as much of their stuff as possible. Seriously. Those net panties are oh-so-hot, but if you leak all over them? Who cares, you can throw them out and put on a new pair. Same with the hospital gowns. I do recommend taking a nursing tank top and a pair of shorts you don't care about (again, for the leaking) because it's hard to nurse in their gowns postpartum. And when you use their sanitary pads, double them up (one beside the other, slightly overlapping) and you probably won't have too much of a problem with leaking.

Oh, and take small samples of shampoo/conditioner/soap. There is nothing better than taking a long, hot shower as soon as you're able! :)

Good luck Barb! I can't wait for you to meet your new little bundle.