Monday, June 16, 2008


Micah Thomas
6 lbs 11 oz
8:08 pm

So far life with baby has been good and monotonous (change, feed, burp, change, attempt to sleep, start again...), with a few ups and downs (hormones crashing back to earth!). But in the past week we've left the house quite a few times (I even left last Thursday ALL BY MYSELF!) and still managed to live a quasi-normal life.

Blair has been home with me since Micah was born (started his holidays Friday after work, Micah was born Saturday evening), he goes back to work next Monday. I haven't been able grown too dependant on him because he's been building a new deck this whole time and I think that it will help me transition better when he does go back.

He's stopped teaching guitar lessons in the evenings for the summer (and maybe for good), so he will get lots of daddy time in the evenings!!! And since Micah sleeps for 3-4 hours regularly after feeding, I will be able to leave the house without him when I need baby-free interaction (my spa even does evening appointments so I can get a pedicure before Christmas!)

Here's a quick rundown of how Micah ended up on the outside:
Wednesday: Felt achey, nauseous, feverish and down right crappy (like PMS but no cramps). Called my friend Sarah, who was my doula, she told me to call the midwife. Midwife came to check on me and found to both our surprise that I was 2 cm dilated... then I started vomitting bile everywhere... and having contractions... so she drove me to the hospital where I was given IV fluids, antibiotic (group B strep positive) and gravol. And then my contractions stopped... and I got to go home.
Thursday: Contractions on and off ALL day and night, still feeling like crap, went on several walks, hoping the baby would get out!
Friday: Midwife stripped my membranes!! 3 cm dilated. More contractions. Went on several more walks.
Saturday: Membranes stripped again (this time crampy immediately), drank "labour" potion. Parents came at 4:30, contractions started getting stronger and closer together at 5 after we ran a few errands. Sarah came at 5:30 because contractions were 3 min apart. Midwife checked me me at 6, now 6 cm dilated. Time to head to the hospital. Micah came out all blue and mine at 8:08!

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