Saturday, February 21, 2009

You are NOT getting sleepy…

Just thought you might like to know that I’m awake… still, as in only running on 4 hrs of sleep from yesterday… fun times!

I’m buying nyquil as soon as the stores open and drugging myself, baby be damned!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Update of sorts

Micah can now walk behind one of those hideous walking toys! He loves it so I can’t really complain, he goes up and down the hallways with a bit of parental help and a lot of Izzie encouragement.

He’s a sick little baby right now though :( He’s on his first round of antibiotics to clear up his junky sounding coughing little possible chest infection.  I’m not a big fan of antibiotics, but the doctor said that because of how small he is, he didn’t want to take any chances.  Between them and the Motrin yesterday Micah had an amazing nights sleep, he still woke up a few times, but nursed and was out again right away!

So you would think that I would be feeling chipper and well rested… not so! I took a decongestant and then proceeded to have anxiety attacks and not be able to sleep and then have more panicky moments because I couldn’t sleep and the massive canker sore in my throat was having a party which was driving me crazy,,,, at 1am after several mini-panic attacks I double checked the box! Yup, a non-drowsy 24 hr decongestant! Because I’m still nursing Micah I am limited to a select few decongestants and I made sure that the drug I was taking was safe but didn’t double check the formulation,,, Today I will buy some night-time meds with Loratadine and maybe I will sleep as well as my baby, finally, slept!

Tomorrow is our church’s Woman’s X-Country Ski day! I really hope I’m feeling better, because I haven’t been out since Monday and I really really want to GO NOW! I was supposed to go yesterday and this morning, but because Micah’s sick and I didn’t sleep until 3am, we’ve been pretty much housebound :(

I’ve been going x-country skiing a lot lately,. even though we haven’t had any snow to speak of since right after Christmas, we’ve still been able to get some decent days in, we just have to drive to Kimberley.  Last week, we did manage to ski once at South Star and once up in Gold Creek.


Today I’m going to make Monkey Bread, for the Leadership Olympics that are tonight, and I’m also going to cut out some more pieces for my new sewing project.  I need to find some grey linen also, but I think I’ll wait until Blair is home, otherwise I have to drag sicko baby with me and I already did that yesterday and it wasn’t so much fun!

Here’s a peak… I mapped part of my project out in Photoshop last night…


I think that instead of the plain red fabric I might look for a different gray or a blue-y pattern that will work with my kitchen paint colour.  I think that all the red makes it a bit boring… we’ll see what happens when I go to the fabric store… I’ve already cut out the red pattern and white pieces so I don’t really feel like changing them!