Sunday, March 1, 2009

I hate packing!

So we leave for Hawaii in 10 days, which means I have to get my list making on so that I can get my pack on… I know what I would ideally bring…but with bag #1 costing $15 and bag #2 costing $25 and Micah not getting his own checked luggage (though I DO need to  double check this…) because he is a lap baby… we need to pack a little differently than we did for Vancouver (um, yeah we won’t be bringing a baby swing, gigantic jogging stroller, rubbermaid tote of fun, etc…)

We’ve decided to rent a highchair, play pen and stroller while we’re there to cut down on extra bags but we will be bringing our car seat and it’s base (these can thankfully be gate checked, and the car seat it airplane rated, so I’m going to inquire about extra seats when we check in… some airlines make you pay, some don’t… or maybe it depends on who you talk to…)

Kait… what did you pack for Kitten? She’s older so I know the lists will be a bit different but any tips would be helpful… what did you bring that you didn’t need, what did you wish you had, what did you end up buying? How many toys/books should I pack? How on earth do you entertain a lap baby??

Tonight I started making lists, and filling travel bottles with shampoo, etc. and finding the travel toothpaste and gathering all the travel organizational bags that we have… I’m gong to do a dry run pack to make sure Micah’s stuff will fit in a carry-on suitcase.

My suitcase will be probably the lightest it’s ever been… I learned from our 2 trips last year that I only wear about a 1/3 of what I bring, so this time I PROMISE to pack less… I also own less clothes now that fit me… like I have 2 tanks tops, 2 summer skirts, 1 pair of jean capris, 1 sundress, 1 pair of board shorts and a bathing suit that sorta fits me… I will be doing some shopping in Calgary to bulk up my summer wardrobe, but still it’s not possible to pack the way I did pre-pregnancy!! Luckily flip flops don’t take up lots of room and I can hike comfortably in my Chaccos, so I don’t think I’ll bring hiking boots (Blair will have to wear his on the plane… oh FUN!)

Micah’s list is by far the longest, but all his stuff is small, so it should fit into a carry-on size suitcase… which will end up being Blair’s carry-on… lucky him! He usually only bring the laptop bag… so the laptop will go in my carry-on or maybe we can work something out with the in-laws…

It will be Seth’s birthday while we’re there, so I’m bringing my 9” cake pans of all things, because he requested a rainbow cake a la Omnomicon, and I doubt the condo will have cake pans…

Oh dern… we need to fit our stupid snorkel gear it our bags too! It’s a good thing Blair is only planning on diving once, his dive gear is bulky and heavy!!