Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh, and the trailer... she's parked by our garage and is a "free for now gift" from my parents... the fabric has been bought (yah sales!!) for new cushion covers and new curtains... I just need the zippers and about 40 more meters black piping and a good motivational smack and I'll be off and running! Micah loves the 70's era fabric! Obviously we will have rules about this... just not on day 1! Dark and ugly! Our "bedroom" storage! Already better with the curtains open! Micah taking a closer look! The baby occupier! Again... needs rules since it's the heater and will be in use!

Life as it stands...

Blair quit his job. I can't/don't want to go back to work quite yet/ever. Blair is going to maybe go to school in the fall... so he gets the summer "off" (the phone has been ringing off the hook with people offering him short term work and thankfully he's been accepting them!). For the first time in our married life and our growing up lives... money is in short supply... in fact I can't seem to find any right now...

So, being the resourceful woman that I am... I've decided to get a lot more useful at home! Canning, baking bread, making yogurt, making granola and granonla bars, etc. And I'm going to attempt to blog about it. Partly to share what I'm doing... but honestly... for a bit of a pat on the back, so that I'll be able to look back and see what I really am capable of doing... since currently, using my degree is not one of those things!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Renovation... for the travelling nation??

We're currently looking into buying a travel trailer, because camping in a tent is just too tricky with a napping baby and a dog. Money is tight (VERY tight) so we're going to buy an oldie, possibly my parents because we know that they've addressed the dry rot issues and I would just have to paint and sew to make it nice. They are also offering us a super deal on it, so possibly we could sell it next year and make a bit of a profit on it and buy what we really want. It's almost perfect, but it has no oven or shower. The oven isn't such a big deal, but the shower is almost a deal breaker. The other one we wanted to look at has been sold :(, it had the oven & shower but had a less perfect layout.
Anyways the point of this entry is that i will be posting much more frequently if we do buy a trailer, because I plan on blogging about it's cute-ification!