Sunday, April 12, 2009

Renovation... for the travelling nation??

We're currently looking into buying a travel trailer, because camping in a tent is just too tricky with a napping baby and a dog. Money is tight (VERY tight) so we're going to buy an oldie, possibly my parents because we know that they've addressed the dry rot issues and I would just have to paint and sew to make it nice. They are also offering us a super deal on it, so possibly we could sell it next year and make a bit of a profit on it and buy what we really want. It's almost perfect, but it has no oven or shower. The oven isn't such a big deal, but the shower is almost a deal breaker. The other one we wanted to look at has been sold :(, it had the oven & shower but had a less perfect layout.
Anyways the point of this entry is that i will be posting much more frequently if we do buy a trailer, because I plan on blogging about it's cute-ification!

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Kait said...

Are you doing the kitchen cure? Because you should post about it. Just here to be bossy! ;)