Monday, July 13, 2009

From my kitchen...

I've been busy busy busy in the kitchen, pulling out my canner on every dreary day possible and making use of the fruits of my labour (rhubarb thievery, strawberry picking, and actually watering my garden!)

I've made: strawberry lemonade concentrate (from here), rhubarb syrup (from here), rhubarb juice (based on this, mint simple syrup (like this one), thai simple syrup (based on this but I added thai basil), stewed rhubarb (from Too Many Cooks) and green tea (matcha) ice cream (using Heather Bailey's amazing vanilla base.)

I plan on posting the changes I made to some of the recipes, as well as pictures if I remember, but my to-do list includes:
+ finish travel trailer cushions
+ finish travel trailer curtains
+ tile laundry room counter
+ build shelves in laundry room
+ tile front entry window box
+ put eye hooks in for green bean runners
+ throw a sushi party tomorrow night
+ convince Micah that naps ARE for cool kids
+ sew Micah a little black apple doll (his will be wearing pjs and should probably have more boy-ish hair)
+ go for walks and hikes so I don't look 3 months pregnant
+ figure out if we're going to keep Micah's new car sear
+ go on a friend's boat

Carolyn/Kait - did you find that the True Fit seat kinda smushed your kids thighs and their, um, parts... Are you using it with out without the padded seat part?


Kait said...

Have you adjusted the crotch clip to the biggest setting? It has two (just asking the obvious first). I don't find that the true fit smushes Kitten at all. She's really skinny though. I suppose that the harness (the parts that go from the back of her waist to the crotch clip) does get tight, and put pressure on her legs, but I wouldn't call them smushed.

We use it without the infant pad at this point. It's unnecessary for a kid of Kitten's age, and it was making her too tall. She really only has about an inch and a half, maybe a little more, left in the harness height. Here's to hoping that she doesn't grow too much more! Ha ha!

Jen Comer said...

Holy busy lady!!

Thanks for all the recipe links!