Thursday, July 16, 2009

So how DOES my garden grow?

Back yard looking towards the parking and garage (hello travel trailer)

Back yard looking at fence garden beds and the gutter garden

Shade bed, where my mint, tarragon, green onions and hostas live... and a piece of sod for patching!

Here is my Bright Lights swiss chard, beets and green beans

My acorn squash and more beets, beans and chard

Looking at the left garden bed

My poor busted tomato plant... I should really be more careful... I tripped over it while watering and snapped off all it's tall bits and a whole bunch of flowers :(

The radish section of the gutter garden

This bed has most of my herbs (oregano, sage, chives, dill, chocolate mint & parsley), radishes &carrots.

Here is my sad little lemongrass plant, my basil, thai basil and my monster tomato plant!

Here are a bunch more tomatoes and my "gutter garden" which has more radishes and lettuce.

My Raspberry Rumex Sorrel... it looks pretty and I remember my mom making a soup with sorrel, I've been harvesting and blanching leaves, hopeully I'll eventually get enough for at least one recipe of soup!

My zucchini plants are taking over the garden!

My reject tomato plant and nasturtiums at the front of the house


Jen Comer said...

I love the gutter garden! So cute!

Anie said...

wow-your thumb is so very green! I am totally impressed!