Saturday, August 22, 2009

reading | Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it by Karen Solomon
listening to | Micah's chattering
eating | grapes
watching | nothing
planning | to finish the trailer cushions and then MAYBE the curtains
feeling | satisfied
anticipating | the future
cleaning | nothing, I did it all yesterday
drinking | water &mint syrup

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sometimes we omit things and then they come and bite us in the a$$

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nelson Trip

Here are some pictures of our recent trip to Nelson to visit family. My cousin L and Aunt D were up from Florida to visit Grandma (we keep thinking that this is her last x,y,z but she keeps on ticking). I hesitantly hopped on the greyhound with Micah because Blair needed the truck for DJing. L & my mom picked me up in Salmo (thank heavens!) so I only had to spend 2.5 hours on the bus (on the anniversary of last years horrific tragedy no less).
Hanna & Aunt Val came over a few days later for more family visiting! Micah loved exploring Grandma's yard and escaping from it (man, I LOVE my fence). We had a great visit, "fun" hand & foot card games, and AMAZING food, but I won't tell you about it yet... We got to do a bit of shopping but Hanna & I didn't get to show L all of our favourite places because it was a long weekend, BOO!
Blair & Izzie came over halfway through the visit and we stayed a bit longer after everyone left and hiked Idaho Lookout and poked around at Davis Creek with my parents (we also stopped at the Nikkei Memorial Internment Centre in New Denver and the public gardens in Silverton, and had lunch in Sandon).
We drove home over the Gray Creek Pass, which we've always wanted to do, just never seemed to leave town early enough... well BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! Sure we only used a 1/4 tank of gas but it took almost twice as long and the views along the Salmo Creston are way better, you can't even see Oliver Lake from the road.
From top (R-L): Izzie & Micah @ Idaho Lookout, M @ my parents, M @ Davis Creek, Hanna, L & I, M in the PNG basket, wild M reading a book, M with his Grandma & goldfish toes, M, Aunt D, (Great)Grandma & I, M digging for treasure @ Davis Creek, family photo op @ Davis Creek

I thought I'd include these pictures also. L took the bottom picture when we were visiting Grandma at the nursing home. The one above it was taken almost exactly a year ago when Micah was 7 weeks old. What a goofy little boy!

This week I've been helping with honey extractions (no pictures, TOO sticky) at the in-laws and on Saturday I'll be selling honey with Seth & Micah at the farmer's market.

Micah has 8 teeth now, Nelson seems to be a magical place for teething since he's gotten or started all of his teeth there... except today he was so grumpy and shoving everything into his mouth and drooling huge gross gobs that I think he might be getting some more teeth!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things I need to share

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Vanilla Bean Pound Cake
My 300 lb half a cow
My new freezer
Camping at Syringa
Family time in Nelson with cousins H & L and 2 of my aunts
Hiking Idaho Lookout
Davis Creek
Painting stripes in Seth's room
Honey Extraction
Selling honey at the farmer's market (this coming Saturday)
Blair applying to the RCMP
My garden
Radish Pickles
Jalapeno Jelly
Blair's birthday cupcakes
Blueberry Granola
Raspberry Flan
Ethiopian Food

So now that I've given you the list I have no excuses because obviously I DO have things to blog about!