Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Wow! It's October and I have a 16 month old... who says NO! Where did the time go?

Let's do a quick recap:

I made Bakerella style Hamburger cupcakes for Blair for his birthday, but Seth has all the pictures, so I guess I'll probably be posting about these again!

We bought a second freezer because our fridge freezer and the one in the laundry room were at full capacity! Something had to be done because there was no room for the ice cream maker insert to live in either one! We found a good deal on a freezer on Craigslist and picked it up a few days later. It was perfect timing too, because less than a week later the 300 lbs of Moo that we had ordered arrived and needed a home! We bought half of a free-range cow from a farm about 30-40 minutes away!

Our city started a farmer's market and I made it down to the 2nd or 3rd one and met up with the in-laws and we realized that no one was selling honey. So we filled out the paperwork, set up the extraction equipment, got inspected and got started! It turned out that another local-ish guy (an hour away) started selling honey the same week we did, but Seth & I still managed to make some really nice coin at the market... in fact I paid off half of the cow and still ended up with close to 1K in my pocket and that's only 1/2 of what we earned!

At the end of the month we went camping with Hanna & Craig at Syringa Creek and then we quickly came home to do the first honey extraction and then M & I took off to Nelson for a week visit a whole whack load of family, and I actually already blogged about that here!


In August, there were more farmer's markets, a few local hikes, huckleberry picking, gardening, canning, and lots of lazing around! Oh, and Blair applied to the RCMP - still waiting to hear about that.

My dear friend Lizz, had her baby girl at the end of August!


Blair started school and the month RAN away from me. I went to Nelson and canned about 100 lbs of tomatoes and then stopped at my aunt's farm and picked another 200+ lbs of tomatoes which I spent a lot of time canning, and even got some friends into the act!

I hosted a Norwex party and got a bunch more of their cleaning cloths and some products... I already enjoy cleaning my house more, so that's a plus in my books!

Blair decided that he was done with wheat for real! So I started figuring out how to bake gluten free, so that I could limit my use of low gluten flours, like Spelt - which I think I will make bread out of, because really... gluten free bread is nasty! I'll also bake with it when we're going to potlucks so that the food is better for Blair, but palatable for the general public, while I figure things out. but I did make a very nice pie crust, some scones and a pretty brick-like loaf of bread! Only 3/5 of my grain share will go to waste :( - instead of waist!!

September included more hikes, walks, gardening and lazing about! But for some reason I barely reached for my camera.

Blair's grandpa's health started to decline and he was hospitalized while I was away. He passed away on September 26. Clem's funeral was on October 5th.


I'm switching to cloth diapers. yes, you read that correctly... CLOTH DIAPERS! Apple Cheeks to be exact. My favourite little baby store in town got their order in yesterday! And I picked up 2 diapers and 6 inserts today, they were out of the flushable liners, so I need to check at Evil-Mart for some because really I can't handle hands on poop work and I can't wrap my head around a diaper sprayer! I keep thinking about poop showers and, ugh! If for some reason I'm not hardcore enough I'm sure that Hanna will buy them off of me... but I'm pretty sure I can do it.

I've started working on Micah's baby book again... it's been sadly abandoned for SO long! But it's my goal to finish the first 6 months of his life before Christmas this year... So far I've done a month and a half, but not much of that is journaled.


I have my first day back as a substitute teacher in over a year and a half and I'm panicking just a little bit... okay I lied... I'm FREAKING out over here! But it was kind of meant to be because I've been saying for a while that I would love my first day back to be a half day English primary... and well it's a half day grade one class... It was handed to me and I said yes against my better judgement... probably because Blair showed me the breakdown of last months spending!