Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Micah at 17-ish months

You are such a funny boy, Micah-roo! You love putting everything on your head and saying "Aaaaht" which obviously means hat!
You hate having socks on and start taking them off as soon as I've put them on, you like having things stuck to the bottoms of your feet and will glide around the house with random bits of paper and crinkly plastic as your skates! You get quite frustrated when things won't stick to your feet. To keep you happy we will sometimes tape things to your feet that are bothering you by becoming unstuck!
You have started saying mummy and daddy (instead of baba and dada) and you enjoy knocking on doors, chasing, walking, kissing & hugging Izzie. She still enjoys the food that you throw on the floor.
You have no favourite food, in fact you are not excited by food at all. You like drinking milk and you ask for it by saying "dink". You can also ask for "cheese." You call nursing "nigh nighs" and rarely ever sign for it anymore, just when you're sad or hurt or tired. You really only nurse a few times a day now. I miss getting to sit down with you since you're SO busy. But it also means that I can start wearing dresses again!
You sign please and say up and down very clearly. We always make you sign please first when you want something. Sometimes you do it very grudgingly, these are also the times when you won't say or sign thank you ("ank oo"!).
When I have something I need to be doing you always want UP UP UP! Same with Daddy when he has to do homework! You are funny because you hate to be snuggled but love to be held... unless of course you need to be held to keep you from running away... then you want to be DOWN DOWN DOWN!
When you haven't had a nap (which to be honest is more often than I'm prepared for) and I need to make dinner or tidy up from your hurricane, you get to watch Yo Gabba Gabba. You sure love that show and you will dance in your booster seat when they are dancing, which is most of the time! You call it "O Gagga!" and ask for it constantly.
You have this funny habit of backing up when you want to sit in someone's lap. You seem to start backing up as soon as you decide to sit in their lap, sometimes from across the room! You bring me books constantly and love to be read to, but you also love to turn pages so you never really get the whole story!
You are such a funny boy at Musikgarden, you become so shy and clingy, very unlike the boy that runs away from me to go to the nursery at church as soon as your feet hit the ground!
You love going in the hot tub. You can stand up in it now and you love to slide off of the edge or the lid into Daddy's arms. You can blow bubbles like a pro and you splash me in the face way less than you used to!
You are becoming very independent and want to do everything by yourself and you become very offended when Daddy or I try to help you.

Of course there is tons more that you say and do, but this is all you're giving me time to type out!

EDIT: Oh &he's a scrawny little stinker who only weighs 19 lbs 7oz! STILL rear-facing!


Dayl said...

LOVE the new set up and love that I get to keep up with little Micah this way!!

Thanks Bawb!

barb said...

yeah I'm gonna give this a serious go for once! I haven't really been keeping track of how he's been changing... so I feel like I'm forgetting it all... I might need to do some "historical" accounts!