Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh 2009... You were quite the year!

It has been 9 months since Blair quit his job, just as my EI was ending and after we had already made the decision that I would not go back to my fulltime job so that I could stay home with Micah.

So how have 9 months with no reliable income treated us? Well, once we stopped fighting and got on the same page it's gone remarkably well!


Blair started classes at COTR in September and did really, really well in his classes. I subbed a bit and started working at a local kids store and will be working there more when my friend (co-owner) has her baby. I sold honey fir my father-in-law at the farmer's market. Blair worked for Purolator over the summer, for a friend who has a construction company, and DJing weddings. In the fall, he taught guitar lessons again and continued to do construction and a bit if DJing. Over Christmas he worked for Purolator again and will probably do a different route for 6 months next spring/summer. I will also be looking after a friends daughter who us 8 months younger than Micah 1 day a week.


With all those odd jobs and student loans, we have managed to live pretty much how we did before Blair quit his job. Our grocery budget has been slashed, yet we eat the same quality of food we did before (just no more organic sugar...). We think more carefully about purchases, not much else has changed. We were never big on going out for lunches or dinner, we rarely went to the movies because our setup at home is just as nice plus we can pause the movie ;)


Spending more time with Blair has been a way better than I could have imagined and watching him interact with Micah had been amazing! Not always having to worry about finding a babysitter when I worked was also great!


Our relationship has grown in leaps and bounds and I know we wouldn't be as strong if he were still working at the RDEK. I'm happier with my life than I have ever been and I feel more fulfilled even though I do less (or arguably much more).


We enjoyed a trip to Hawaii in Match before he officially quit his job (he was on unpaid sick leave first). Went camping over the summer. Blair started dirt biking (traded a hot tub for a bike). This winter we bought RCR discount cards and after I buy sone new snowboard gear (boots, helmet, gloves and goggles) we will get to board together! My parents watched Micah on Christmas day and paid for our tickets so that we could snowboard together (my first time in 8 years and obviously our first time together! Blair has been a few times over the years).


We figured out how to get Micah to bed at a consistent time, though naps are still a challenge and don't happen everyday. We haven't figured out how to expand his tastebuds beyond pasta, cheese, milk, bread, boring! But we working on it, same with discipline and leaving the damn dog food dish alone! He's such a funny kid and he teaches me new things everyday! Some of his new words are: colour, hot tub, hat, shhh, crash, gosh, cheese, thank you, good girl, coco, sethy, evie, mommy, daddy, up, down, please, nigh nigh, ouch, snow (sounds a lot like nosy), train, miaow, neigh, kitty, horsie!!


Last night at the New Years party we went to (and Blair DJed) Micah danced for like 3 hours! Copying the older kids and adults and trying to do things like the worm and the splits! I wish I had grabbed the video camera :( He was too cute and the life of the party if I do say so myself!


I've been working on getting things together to start an etsy shop and after sine feedback from Hanna and Jen I think I will be ready. They will also be for sale at MJ's & Bumbletree (where I'm working) and I'll sell them at the farmer's market with the honey next year.


While I hope that 2010 provides less character building lessons for us now that I've looked back over 2009, I wouldn't change what we've been through because we are so much better off!! Well, maybe I would like more sleep!


In 2010, I hope we continue to strengthen our marriage, become better parents, and enjoy the beautiful area we live in!


Some of my other goals include, baking and cooking more new things instead of relying on what I know, baking fantastic gluten laden breads and tolerable gluten free ones, make a fun play kitchen for Micah (already in the works) and sew up some awesome felt food for him (already got some done).



Carolyn said...

What a year indeed. We're hoping for a less trying but still wonderful 2010 as well.

BB is getting a kitchen for his second birthday too and today I made felt eggs and pizza!

Dayl said...

Let me know when your etsy shop is open and a link to get there please!! :)