Friday, July 9, 2010

Missoula Marathon

Today we drove to Missoula, Montana with a little shopping and Mongolian Grill break in Kalispell. Tomorrow we pick up our race packets and I will hopefully buy new shoes to start wearing AFTER the half marathon... Though truth be told I REALLY shouldn't be running in my 5 year old shoes either! Sunday at 6 am Lizz and I will hit the ground running! 13.1 miles baby!! We've done it once before (22 km) on our own... But this time it's for real!

More soon on life, Micah, farmers market, Hawaii, the half marathon and running on general! Life is changing super fast and becoming super crazy!! Fingers crossed that on Tuesday I find out that Micah has a full time daycare spot! Cross them fingers like crazy! It will be my ONLY form of sanity!

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