Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nurturing me!

I have signed myself up for the awesome Kal Barteski's "Nurturing your creativity & be bulletproof" online course slow+steady version... and slow+steady is what I am, the course started on the 10th and I'm starting today! I was in Vancouver visiting Blair when it started (yes, visiting my husband... yikes!) so I'm a bit behind!

I got home on Thursday and have been rushing to put my house back together! My office is as done as it will be until I get to ikea again and I love this little room the best now! Pictures of the changes will be coming soon. (I promised Hanna!)

Here are my 2 of my finished tasks for idea1, I just need to get a but load of rubber bands tomorrow and then I will be mostly done idea1 and able to move onto idea2 just as idea4 is going online!

I'm thinking that if I get around to posting what I'm doing with this online class that I might actually get used to posting on this blog and maybe I'll be able to keep it up.

We were supposed to come up with our own definition for creativity and then write is out in three different sizes/styles/ways/mediums... and put them in places in our house where we will run into them... the mirror is obviously in my bedroom and the line drawing one is on my bookcase in my NEW office!!

I'm so happy that I got the office organized I wanted it done so bad before I started doing this class because it was so ugly and thrown together before... Everything that I hated about it is gone and I love everything that is in it now and am looking forward to adding more treasures and some freaking artwork!!