Thursday, April 28, 2011

on a seperate note...

taxes are my nemesis. i always forget things. i procrastinate. my accountant is grouchy. and even though we are poor little church mice, i think we will have to pay taxes. we will definitely have to give the government some of the gst/hst we collected. why do i always forget that it's their money and not mine when we make a sale. we need a seperate bank account for all of the taxes so that it doesn't feel like i'm getting kicked in my non-existent man junk every april.

5) Visit the Punalu'u black sand beach - 01/10/11

When we were in Hawaii in 2009 there were 4 big things on my to-see list that didn't get seen.
1) A true black sand beach (apparently the ones we had gone to aren't true black sand beaches. 2) Flowing lava.
3) South Point/Ka Lae, the southern most point in the good ol' USA.
4) the Green Sand Beach.

Blair was bummed about the lava but didn't give a hoot that I missed out on the other three. In fact we drove right by both of the twice in the same day when we went to Volcano National Park.

In 2009, we thought that we have been to Ka Lae, in fact we followed the guide book directions to a T but the cargo lowering contraptions and cliff diving spot were missing, seeing as we drove right down to the ocean. It was windy though just like the guide book promised, turns out we were about 2 miles over to the east. Not good enough for me!

I've given up on the green sand beach only because it's a long hike and you can't swim in the ocean... so I'd be hot and sticky with no relief.

So long story long... when we were in Hawaii this winter I begged, pleaded and whined to go to the Punalu'u Black Sand Beach and Ka Lae. Everyone agreed to Punalu'u because the weather was bad in Kona and we wanted a change of scenery. So we had lunch at the bakery where they make the best Taro bread in the world (#28 on my list) and explored the beach. It was black. The sky was overcast. There were sand flies. I was relieved that no one else wanted to sit on the sand after driving 2 hours to get there. Oh, and there were no turtles on a supposedly turtle infested beach (didn't God know we were driving there too see the green turtles on the black beach... what do you mean it doesn't work that way?) So we wandered around, the kiddos dug in the sand, Seth took a million pictures, and I took some pathetic ones with my camera (I've been too lazy to bring my external hd over to my in-laws to get all the good pictures).

Good thing they had fun!

2 shovels are better than one

Somehow after that disappointment, I convinced my father-in-law to attempt the road to Ka Lae again. And we followed the directions to a T again, in case we had missed something. And we arrived at the same parking lot and saw lots of other people taking pictures and assuming they were at Ka Lae like we had 2 years before. So we got back in the van, and I felt like kicking things. I asked if we could stop at the historic Ka Lae sign back up the road to take a picture, and then I would get over it. WELL! Right by the sign where the book says go left, there was a plaque nestled in the grass and a road the went right. So we went right. And there it was! Cargo rigs for lowering cattle and produce onto ships. Sketchy ladders. A hole in the rocks that you can jump into it at just the right time it will shoot you out into the ocean (not sure what happens at the wrong time, we didn't bother to try). Gorgeous blue ocean. Beautiful stormy sky. Scary winds. Lava flows. And lush greenery. Perfection!

It ended up being such a gorgeous day, I had victory over the elusive South Point/Ka Lae. And I think M might have even slept on the way home!

Monday, April 25, 2011

25) Run a half marathon - Missoula 07/11/10

Last April my friend L saw a commercial for the Missoula Marathon that ended with "why not?," and she thought, "yeah, why not?" and then called me to ask, you guessed it "why not?" We had both dabbled in running in our youth but neither of us were "runners," but WHY NOT!?! Since we were both going to be in Vancouver after Easter, we made a date to buy new running shoes (and of course some running clothes!) .

And then we started training, and training, and training. At the end of May, we ran a 10k and came in last and dead last, but we weren't deterred (and for the record if I had ended at the 5k, there would have 5 or 6 people finishing after me!).

So we continued with the training and on July 9th we headed down to Missoula, MT. We had a great time at the race expo, farmer's market and downtown Missoula on the day before the race, and that night we gorged ourselves on some fantastic free wood fired pizza!

And then at 4am, we dragged ourselves out of bed and made our way to the starting line for a 6am cannon start! I crossed the finish line 2 hours and 22 minutes later finishing in the top third for females and for my age group and before the first female full marathon finisher. I pushed myself way harder than I had anticipated. L & I had always trained with walking breaks and had planned on running a 3/4km and then walking 1/4km and repeating that for 21.1km. But we ignored the first 2 walk breaks, did the next two and then after a pee break I ended up leaving L in my dust (I used to be a faster runner than her and when training I would run back to her so we could walk together, but obviosuly I forgot to...) that was at the mile 5 aid station and I ended up running the next 8.1 miles without stopping to walk and I quickly figured out how to grab and drink the water and gatorade without slowing down too!

Unfortunately I also hurt my ankle (thank god for adrenaline because I didn't feel any pain until the next day!) and that put an end to my walking for a few weeks and my running until the fall, which is precisely when my husband moved away for school. I've been trying to get myself back into a running routine but am having a hard time getting motivated. I've signed up for a 10k race in 3 weeks but will probably only run 5k, since I can't seem to run more than 6 or 7 right now, thanks to laziness and sore knees! But I will be heading back down to Missoula again this July, with 3 girlfriends, including L, in tow to run the full marathon as a relay team. L didn't push herself, didn't hurt herself and has gone on to run 2 other half marathons and in 1 week will be running the full Vancouver BMO marathon. I must say I am SUPER jealous.

Lust for Life!

So in addition to blogging regularly, all the cool kids have also been posting their life lists and posting about their progress. I have had a life list written up for over 2 years now, but have never shared it with anyone, I don't even think I've told B what's on it.

Here goes... At the top of the list are the thirty things (in no particular order) that I intend to accomplish before I turn 30 in 2012. I have things on my life list that are not remotely doable in the next 13 months so they will sit at the bottom of the list until it is their time!

Hopefully this will give me more things to blog about and serve as a reminder to keep my friends in the loop. Since this list is old and I'm only just sharing it now, I've already done some of the things, so I'll be playing catch up here and there!

1) Make amazing macarons - ongoing
2) Use my degree - 10/13/10 - present
3) Have another baby
4) Do something crazy and spontaneous
5) Visit the Punalu'u black sand beach - 01/10/11
6) Take more French courses
7) Take better pictures
8) Plant a garden - done
9) Use my grain share
10) Bake artisan breads - fougasse, etc
11) Sew a skirt
12) Volunteer
13) Start composting with wormies - May 2011
14) Grow more pretty things - ranunculus
15) Start my own business - besquare 06/26/10
16) Get pictures taken for Blair - July 27, 2011
17) Finish Micah's play kitchen
18) Spend more time making pretty things
19) See lava flow - Kalapana, Big Island 12/27/10
20) Have a real compost pile
21) Take Izzie to obedience classes
22) Ride my bike to Kimberly pulling Micah
23) Refinish dining room chairs - 10/11/10
24) Ski the full rails to trails in one direction
25) Run a Half Marathon - Missoula 07/11/10
26) Run a Marathon
26a) Run a Marathon Relay! - Missoula 07/10/11
27) Use up more of my fabric stash (so that I actually have a reason to buy more)
28) Make taro bread - done July 2011
29) Put inventory in my Etsy shop
30) Make some furniture from the Knock Off Wood/Ana White plans - In progress - July 2011
31) Girls' trip with L, S, K & R

Here are the stragglers...

Get scuba certified
Go back to school
Visit L&K in New Zealand
Island hop in Greece
Island hop in Hawaii
Travel around in Vietnam
Travel around in Thailand
Travel around in Japan
Travel around in Chile
Teach foods/home ec
Go on a cruise
Go on safari
Build my dream house/kitchen
Ride in a helicopter
Raise chickens
Live abroad

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today was such a busy day!
+ fed my sourdough
+ kindergarten (prep, calendar, recess, snack, egg dyeing, pitch in garbage clean up, buddies, home)
+ garden center to buy bean & sunflower seeds to plant with my students next week
+ back to the school to grab M
+ home to start baking chocolate wedding cakes with Sarah, while all the kiddos watched netflix stuff
+ dug out ALL of my iris plants (i hates them!) and more of the horrid juniper shrub
+ made sourdough crepes for breakfast for tomorrow!
+ fed 7 people dinner
+ cleaned my house like a madwoman
+ got everything (hopefully) ready for b when he gets home tonight
+ sent m out the door to go swimming with his grandparents and cousin
+ resisted easting all of the carrot cake macarons

B will get here around 11pm and it will be so nice to have him home for Easter, I have lots of jobs for him to do, namely love me, let me run as much as I want to and build me a worm compost bin! Unfortunately he also has a lot of studying to do, so he may only be able to love me!

Tomorrow, my parents are coming and bringing me manure, and a peony bush to live where the juniper was and a rhubarb crown. Hopefully I can convince them to help me with yard work while B studies. Maybe my dad will even build me my worm compost bin, I ordered my red wrigglers from Top Crop when I was picking up my seeds and trays today... AND I FOUND RANUNCULUS BULBS THERE TOO!!! I dug out the iris plants and gave them to Sarah so that my new ranunculus bulbs would have a happy home!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

... ing

reading | kindergarten curriculum, in french!
listening to | the dehumidifier
eating | carrot cake macarons
watching | myself type?
planning | what to wear to work tomorrow... comfy and dressy?
feeling | overwhelmed
anticipating | sleep
drinking | cold tea
loving | my son and my husband

Jen, if you read this you can come find me on my lunch break at the Creston Learning Resource Center place tomorrow and have a macaron!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Today I met Seth Green's doppleganger. It was freaky because this guy sounded exactly like him, looked exactly like him, and, after spending a good chunk of my day at a table with this guy, had the same goofy sense of humor! Now if I was on the cast of How I Met Your Mother, this would clear sign from the universe that it is okay to get pregnant... did you hear that body?? I hope both B and my body get this memo!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

D! D D! Dora!

We have been playing a lot of games that go like this... "mommy, you be Dora and I'll be Diego..." "mommy, you be Dora and I'll be Swiper. Now hold up your hand and say "Swiper, no swiping!"

Sometimes he likes to pretend that Izzie is Boots, but he quickly gives up when he remembers that she is a dog who doesn't talk, and not a talking monkey in boots. I am not so lucky...

Thanks a lot Dora. I'll get even with you one day...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I might just keep this blogging thing up!

We are switching things up at home! Cable costs us $75+ a month just so that M can watch Treehouse (don't judge me, my husband is 12 hours away). I haven't turned the TV on more than 5 times since Blair moved away, and even before that we weren't watching much TV on an actual TV, we have been streaming all of our shows from various websites. So... $75 a month is pretty big for my ability to have sanity!

In the past week, a few different people have been extolling the virtues of Netflix, and at $7.99 a month that a sweet price for child occupation! Un/fortunately we need some way to get the netflix onto the TV... enter the Wii :) I've been searching around on eBay and various websites and have decided to buy a new one to avoid hassles and what ifs. So tonight I will be be taking a big step for our non-gaming family and buying a Wii and tomorrow I will be signing us up for Netflix & cutting the cable... I hope it feels good. I'm excited to get the Wii because I think M will be able to play some of the simpler games with me and then possibly we can "game" (oh I use this term SO loosely) as a family. I've already looked into the games we can buy down the road... they have Disney Cars for the Wii, M will be so stoked for that! He has no need for toys or books, so now people can buy him Wii games :)

I'm getting a white one instead of a black one because I buy pretty skins for it :) And also I dream of beautiful white built-in bookcases surrounding the living room window and a black Wii would do the opposite of blending in!

For Me (Poppy Essence)

We talked about buying one after K & S's wedding because we had fun playing it with our friends when we were down there. We decided against it because we weren't sure how to get the sensor bar installed so it would work with the projector/screen setup, but today I found wireless sensor bars online and I'm excited for when we get a new projector after Blair gets a job (ours kicked the bucket this winter - another reason why I haven't been watching TV, it was hit or miss if it would work and it took me an embarrassing long time to remember that I can hook the cable up to our computer, but then I still might as well stream my shows).

for Micah (Chunky)

Who knew a whole 443 word post on my lusting for a Wii...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My friend L took some gorgeous pictures of M & I back in, oh, October so that Blair could see how much fun he was missing, his happy family keeping it together! There's also a little peek of an orange chair, it was boring brown wood earlier that day, but I painted it orange, and then a week later I painted it and all it's friends white! And then finished up re-upholstering the lot of them as my Thanksgiving guests were arriving for dinner :) But more on that later... baby steps!

Hopefully I can find the rest of these pictures on my poor external harddrive, it sure took on a big unorganized responsibility when the desktop packed it in last weekend!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So, it appears that I suck!

I am a very bad blogger, but I intend to turn this around! For my friends dangit! Because in addition to being a crap blogger I am also a crap phone caller, emailer, facebooker and even twitterer! And I have an iphone that is supposed to make it easier to do all of the above... but it's just a glorified phone that plays solitaire and takes crappy pictures... I also suck at remembering to take pictures... poor Micah I think this past year has been sorely under-documented!

Anyways... if my far-away friends promise to read this and occasionally pat me on the back for updating then I will do so and it will be swell!

So here goes... Blair comes home in 12 days for Easter and in approximately 53 days for good! Life will not become normal, but it will be better! Blair is going to blitz through Math12 and Physis11 because they seem to be prerequisites for a lot of jobs (unfortunately that includes the Tembec job that he had been a shoe-in for). so hopefully he can get them done super fast before I finish teaching for the year and then we can apply to Tembec again and stay happily in our little house or apply elsewhere and then we will have to move and hopefully not to Fort Crack! So he will be home but he will be super busy, but at least I won't be sleeping alone anymore :)

Micah is potty-training! GO MICAH!! He's doing awesome, we started last weekend and we haven't had a (pee) accident in days, and today he figured out that it IS possible for him to do all the required steps all by himself! But he still wants to me to "run quick to the potty" with him, which is fine because I like to know that he is following all the steps! We've been running errands diaperless since day one last Friday! What a big boy!

We are trying for #2, but there are a few roadblocks 1) Blair is only here once a month or so, and the timing isn't always perfect, 2) Blair would really like to have a job first, however I would really like to qualify for Mat. Leave again and now I will have to apply for a teaching contract for the fall in order to qualify :( Oh, and I'd like for it to be a girl!

Kindergarten is going well, most of them are getting really good at practicing their french, it's nice to witness such a change! I'm excited for the snow to stay away so we can start playing outside and pretend that we are doing science, when in fact we are just walking at the lake and talking about the ducks and the grass and the water and collecting water so that we can look at it under microscopes! I am also happy that we can get ready for recess in less than 5 minutes now, so I have an extra 10+ minutes of teaching time back!

I have been doing all sorts of fun things that I have no proof of having done :) Making ravioli, making pretty linen bulletin boards, kicking ass selling them at winter markets, 5 weeks in Hawaii at Christmas, making pretty fabric flowers, sewing tablecloths, making different flavours of macarons (even somewhat successfully!), yummy biscotti, billions of french flashcards resulting in what seems like kilometers of laminated cards to cut out!

And it seems like no time has past since it was only 2 posts ago, but it's time to get my butt in gear and start training again because Missoula is sneaking up on me! We're making it a girls weekend! So far 3 out of 5 of my buddies here are commited to running some sort of distance that weekend, L & I will do the half marathon again and she will have a better time because she is training for a marathon at the end of this month! and C will run the 10km the night before! I have the EK10K race coming up on May 15th, so I really should start logging some runs! I got dresses in my running gear this morning thinking that I would be more likely to go near the treadmill if I was attired, but no such luck... there is still a few more hours to get on it though so I'm not giving up hope.

There it's a start...