Monday, April 25, 2011

25) Run a half marathon - Missoula 07/11/10

Last April my friend L saw a commercial for the Missoula Marathon that ended with "why not?," and she thought, "yeah, why not?" and then called me to ask, you guessed it "why not?" We had both dabbled in running in our youth but neither of us were "runners," but WHY NOT!?! Since we were both going to be in Vancouver after Easter, we made a date to buy new running shoes (and of course some running clothes!) .

And then we started training, and training, and training. At the end of May, we ran a 10k and came in last and dead last, but we weren't deterred (and for the record if I had ended at the 5k, there would have 5 or 6 people finishing after me!).

So we continued with the training and on July 9th we headed down to Missoula, MT. We had a great time at the race expo, farmer's market and downtown Missoula on the day before the race, and that night we gorged ourselves on some fantastic free wood fired pizza!

And then at 4am, we dragged ourselves out of bed and made our way to the starting line for a 6am cannon start! I crossed the finish line 2 hours and 22 minutes later finishing in the top third for females and for my age group and before the first female full marathon finisher. I pushed myself way harder than I had anticipated. L & I had always trained with walking breaks and had planned on running a 3/4km and then walking 1/4km and repeating that for 21.1km. But we ignored the first 2 walk breaks, did the next two and then after a pee break I ended up leaving L in my dust (I used to be a faster runner than her and when training I would run back to her so we could walk together, but obviosuly I forgot to...) that was at the mile 5 aid station and I ended up running the next 8.1 miles without stopping to walk and I quickly figured out how to grab and drink the water and gatorade without slowing down too!

Unfortunately I also hurt my ankle (thank god for adrenaline because I didn't feel any pain until the next day!) and that put an end to my walking for a few weeks and my running until the fall, which is precisely when my husband moved away for school. I've been trying to get myself back into a running routine but am having a hard time getting motivated. I've signed up for a 10k race in 3 weeks but will probably only run 5k, since I can't seem to run more than 6 or 7 right now, thanks to laziness and sore knees! But I will be heading back down to Missoula again this July, with 3 girlfriends, including L, in tow to run the full marathon as a relay team. L didn't push herself, didn't hurt herself and has gone on to run 2 other half marathons and in 1 week will be running the full Vancouver BMO marathon. I must say I am SUPER jealous.

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