Monday, April 25, 2011

Lust for Life!

So in addition to blogging regularly, all the cool kids have also been posting their life lists and posting about their progress. I have had a life list written up for over 2 years now, but have never shared it with anyone, I don't even think I've told B what's on it.

Here goes... At the top of the list are the thirty things (in no particular order) that I intend to accomplish before I turn 30 in 2012. I have things on my life list that are not remotely doable in the next 13 months so they will sit at the bottom of the list until it is their time!

Hopefully this will give me more things to blog about and serve as a reminder to keep my friends in the loop. Since this list is old and I'm only just sharing it now, I've already done some of the things, so I'll be playing catch up here and there!

1) Make amazing macarons - ongoing
2) Use my degree - 10/13/10 - present
3) Have another baby
4) Do something crazy and spontaneous
5) Visit the Punalu'u black sand beach - 01/10/11
6) Take more French courses
7) Take better pictures
8) Plant a garden - done
9) Use my grain share
10) Bake artisan breads - fougasse, etc
11) Sew a skirt
12) Volunteer
13) Start composting with wormies - May 2011
14) Grow more pretty things - ranunculus
15) Start my own business - besquare 06/26/10
16) Get pictures taken for Blair - July 27, 2011
17) Finish Micah's play kitchen
18) Spend more time making pretty things
19) See lava flow - Kalapana, Big Island 12/27/10
20) Have a real compost pile
21) Take Izzie to obedience classes
22) Ride my bike to Kimberly pulling Micah
23) Refinish dining room chairs - 10/11/10
24) Ski the full rails to trails in one direction
25) Run a Half Marathon - Missoula 07/11/10
26) Run a Marathon
26a) Run a Marathon Relay! - Missoula 07/10/11
27) Use up more of my fabric stash (so that I actually have a reason to buy more)
28) Make taro bread - done July 2011
29) Put inventory in my Etsy shop
30) Make some furniture from the Knock Off Wood/Ana White plans - In progress - July 2011
31) Girls' trip with L, S, K & R

Here are the stragglers...

Get scuba certified
Go back to school
Visit L&K in New Zealand
Island hop in Greece
Island hop in Hawaii
Travel around in Vietnam
Travel around in Thailand
Travel around in Japan
Travel around in Chile
Teach foods/home ec
Go on a cruise
Go on safari
Build my dream house/kitchen
Ride in a helicopter
Raise chickens
Live abroad


Kerry said...

You have to get scuba certified for the next time you go to Hawaii - it is so incredible. And, then, maybe one day we can go diving together :)

Anonymous said...

Nice list! With the skirt, depending on the style, I may have a pattern for you to use... lemme know :)

Also, I want to see the chairs you refinished! They sounded awesome!!