Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today was such a busy day!
+ fed my sourdough
+ kindergarten (prep, calendar, recess, snack, egg dyeing, pitch in garbage clean up, buddies, home)
+ garden center to buy bean & sunflower seeds to plant with my students next week
+ back to the school to grab M
+ home to start baking chocolate wedding cakes with Sarah, while all the kiddos watched netflix stuff
+ dug out ALL of my iris plants (i hates them!) and more of the horrid juniper shrub
+ made sourdough crepes for breakfast for tomorrow!
+ fed 7 people dinner
+ cleaned my house like a madwoman
+ got everything (hopefully) ready for b when he gets home tonight
+ sent m out the door to go swimming with his grandparents and cousin
+ resisted easting all of the carrot cake macarons

B will get here around 11pm and it will be so nice to have him home for Easter, I have lots of jobs for him to do, namely love me, let me run as much as I want to and build me a worm compost bin! Unfortunately he also has a lot of studying to do, so he may only be able to love me!

Tomorrow, my parents are coming and bringing me manure, and a peony bush to live where the juniper was and a rhubarb crown. Hopefully I can convince them to help me with yard work while B studies. Maybe my dad will even build me my worm compost bin, I ordered my red wrigglers from Top Crop when I was picking up my seeds and trays today... AND I FOUND RANUNCULUS BULBS THERE TOO!!! I dug out the iris plants and gave them to Sarah so that my new ranunculus bulbs would have a happy home!

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