Saturday, April 9, 2011

So, it appears that I suck!

I am a very bad blogger, but I intend to turn this around! For my friends dangit! Because in addition to being a crap blogger I am also a crap phone caller, emailer, facebooker and even twitterer! And I have an iphone that is supposed to make it easier to do all of the above... but it's just a glorified phone that plays solitaire and takes crappy pictures... I also suck at remembering to take pictures... poor Micah I think this past year has been sorely under-documented!

Anyways... if my far-away friends promise to read this and occasionally pat me on the back for updating then I will do so and it will be swell!

So here goes... Blair comes home in 12 days for Easter and in approximately 53 days for good! Life will not become normal, but it will be better! Blair is going to blitz through Math12 and Physis11 because they seem to be prerequisites for a lot of jobs (unfortunately that includes the Tembec job that he had been a shoe-in for). so hopefully he can get them done super fast before I finish teaching for the year and then we can apply to Tembec again and stay happily in our little house or apply elsewhere and then we will have to move and hopefully not to Fort Crack! So he will be home but he will be super busy, but at least I won't be sleeping alone anymore :)

Micah is potty-training! GO MICAH!! He's doing awesome, we started last weekend and we haven't had a (pee) accident in days, and today he figured out that it IS possible for him to do all the required steps all by himself! But he still wants to me to "run quick to the potty" with him, which is fine because I like to know that he is following all the steps! We've been running errands diaperless since day one last Friday! What a big boy!

We are trying for #2, but there are a few roadblocks 1) Blair is only here once a month or so, and the timing isn't always perfect, 2) Blair would really like to have a job first, however I would really like to qualify for Mat. Leave again and now I will have to apply for a teaching contract for the fall in order to qualify :( Oh, and I'd like for it to be a girl!

Kindergarten is going well, most of them are getting really good at practicing their french, it's nice to witness such a change! I'm excited for the snow to stay away so we can start playing outside and pretend that we are doing science, when in fact we are just walking at the lake and talking about the ducks and the grass and the water and collecting water so that we can look at it under microscopes! I am also happy that we can get ready for recess in less than 5 minutes now, so I have an extra 10+ minutes of teaching time back!

I have been doing all sorts of fun things that I have no proof of having done :) Making ravioli, making pretty linen bulletin boards, kicking ass selling them at winter markets, 5 weeks in Hawaii at Christmas, making pretty fabric flowers, sewing tablecloths, making different flavours of macarons (even somewhat successfully!), yummy biscotti, billions of french flashcards resulting in what seems like kilometers of laminated cards to cut out!

And it seems like no time has past since it was only 2 posts ago, but it's time to get my butt in gear and start training again because Missoula is sneaking up on me! We're making it a girls weekend! So far 3 out of 5 of my buddies here are commited to running some sort of distance that weekend, L & I will do the half marathon again and she will have a better time because she is training for a marathon at the end of this month! and C will run the 10km the night before! I have the EK10K race coming up on May 15th, so I really should start logging some runs! I got dresses in my running gear this morning thinking that I would be more likely to go near the treadmill if I was attired, but no such luck... there is still a few more hours to get on it though so I'm not giving up hope.

There it's a start...


Dayl said...

So lovely to hear about you! Glad things are going well, and I know everything will work out for you and B with work :)

Please say thanks once again to B for the coffee - it was AMAZING and EXACTLY what I needed at the Career Fair!!

Kait said...

You sound busy!

Yay for potty training! Kitten has been trained for almost a year and STILL wants me to go with her. So yeah.

Good luck with #2. :)