Saturday, May 7, 2011

2) Use my degree - 10/13/10 - present

One of the main reasons that I didn't move to Vancouver with Blair was because I had been quasi-promised a chance at a short-term teaching contract. The librarian that I had filled in extensively for last winter and spring had booked a trip to Australia for a month and asked for me to be her replacement. Nothing was confirmed but I knew that that much teaching time couldn't be passed up! So we decided that I would stay here at least until after our trip to Hawaii, work as a TTOC (substitute) and then we'd see how tough it was and make a new plan for 2011. Thankfully I did get the confirmation call and started the contract at the end of September.

A week into the contract, the principal told me to apply for the 0.4 French Immersion Kindergarten position that was opening up. The current teacher had found a full time contract closer to her home. This of course would change all of our plans, but having a consistent pay cheque no matter how small would help us out so much this year. So I applied. And was offered the position soley based on my resume and French letter of intent. No interview. Apparently I was the only qualified applicant. Unfortunately, I didn't feel qualified! But if the principal thought I was capable then maybe I was! He had witnessed me teaching many times in the past 8 months and knew my abilities in French.

So that's what I've been up to since mid-October. And I still got to go to Hawaii for 5 weeks. There are 2 months left in school year. We just planted some seeds, we have a mother's day field trip coming up, a trip to the Creston wildlife center and the local trout hatchery. Outside play time is finally optional. My students can respond to many basic questions in French and can even pose some of their own! They understand simple and some complex instructions. They are getting better at raising their hands and walking quietly in the hallway. We are playing more and having more fun now that the end is near and I feel more relaxed. We are still learning our French letter sounds and they can usually tell me which letter to write as we sound out words together. Math is math. Centers are awesome. Crafts are difficult because of the language barrier and the time limit but when we do them they are awesome! My kids make me smile.

I'm even going to apply for a job for next year. I may only apply for jobs at this school. I'm not on the recall list so I'm not sure what will happen. But I know that there will be 5 or 6 postings here. I want around a 0.4 again, but would sure prefer it to be 2 days instead of 4 mornings. The main reason I want a contract is because I need to qualify for maternity leave a second time around. Why not get paid to have a baby by the government!?!

So I finally used my degree in a concrete, real pay cheque way, and I haven't died!

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