Thursday, June 2, 2011


So I was doing pretty good there... and then I had company (Hanna, then Jen, then my mom... one right after the other) and then my computer D.I.E.D! And then B wanted me to wait until he had worked a full set at HIS NEW JOB!! That's right! He passed all his classes and got a job @ Teck before school was finished :) And he got to spend just over a week at home with us after school ended! He started on Tuesday and will be home on Saturday. He'll be staying with my parents when he's working and then coming home on his off days (sets of 4).

So TOMORROW I'll either be heading down to Staples and buying a beautiful new 27.5" iMac or ordering one online from apple themselves. It all depends on which way is easier to get my educational discount taken off. Goodbye sucky stupid PCs, goodbye sucky stupid Vista & XP (why the eff don't you have DOS??)!

At lunch M knocked over my tea... onto my iPhone... it's chilling in a bowl of rice right now... perhaps Steve Jobs will announce a new phone at the WWDC on June 6th.

While Hanna was here we made these concrete garden globes following this tutorial. We used mortar because it was the only conretey thing we could find in town without rocks and under $30 a bag. They could be better but they seem to be holding up just fine. Eventually I'll give Hanna hers, but for now I'm enjoying having a cluster of them with my hostas that are finally coming up.

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Hanna said...

give me my garden balls!