Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pinterest Challenge 2011: Summer Edition

So is anyone else out there doing the Pinterest Challenge a la Young House Love, Bower Power, and many others?
The challenge was issued on Tuesday will results to be revealed next Tuesday.

I've already made one of the sewing projects for Micah's room that I had pinned and am over halfway done a pinned Ana White project for our front entry (and it will knock another off of the Thirty before Thirty list that I started awhile ago). The challenge was issued for home related projects, but I'm hoping to throw in some food and clothing ones too while I have the motivation... I have a skirt pattern mostly cut out that I should really finish up...

More on Tuesday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

26a) Run a Marathon Relay! - Missoula 07/10/11

Yesterday I ran the 9.8k leg of the Missoula Marathon. My friend that ran the Missoula Half Marathon with me last year and I decided that it would be fun to go this year and run it as a Relay.

Me, L, & S waiting for C to finish her race leg!

We convinced a friend that had been training for a triathlon to keep up her running and convinced another friend to start running. They both agreed and we had a team! I was supposed to run the first leg, which was 13.7k but due to an ankle injury I was graciously given a shorter leg. Unfortunately not the 6.3k leg, that was reserved for our novice runner/fast walker!!

S, Me, & C, waiting for L to finish her leg

I ran my just under 10k leg in 56 minutes, which is great because the 10k fun run I did in May I came in at 1:11 and last May I did my first 10k in 1:05.

Me & L at our relay transition... I'm taking off for my leg after switching the chip band.

Coming in to my exchange point!

Me & C after my race leg

I got my ankle taped up at the race expo and taped my right knee myself on the morning of the race. In hindsight I should have taped up both! My ankle was fine for the race and is in no extra pain as of today! My knees are a bit cranky due to their patella/IT Band issues, but nothing that physio can't help strengthen.

The nice thing about a relay (for everyone but the first runner) is that you don't have to start at 6am! Sure you don 't get fireworks and a cannon start but you get to "sleep in." The rest of us were still up at 5, and on the road by 6:20 so that we wouldn't be driving on the course when too many runners were on it. (Relay teams transport themselves around the course to the different exchange points!)

Me after the race at the expo with our race bib, my medal is peeking out from under it!

Same as last year, the race was well organized, the course was fantastic, the aid stations werewell-manned with enthusiastic volunteers, the police and traffic controllers were awesome! And the residents of Missoula were AMAZING again! Sprinklers, extra water, snacks, cheers and encouraging words & posters all along the race course!

Me, C, S & L in our official picture!

We're already talking about going back next year!!

15/26 #5026 0.6 (60%) BARBARA, L, C, S BC 4:50:17 11:05am