thirty or so before thirty

1) Make amazing macarons
2) Use my degree - 10/13/10
3) Have another baby
4) Do something crazy and spontaneous
5) Visit the Punalu'u black sand beach - 01/10/11
6) Take more French courses
7) Take better pictures
8) Plant a garden
9) Use my grain share
10) Bake artisan breads
11) Sew a skirt
12) Volunteer
13) Start composting with wormies
14) Grow more pretty things
15) Start my own business - besquare 06/26/10
16) Read my bible
17) Finish Micah's play kitchen
18) Spend more time making pretty things
19) See lava flow - Kalapana, Big Island 12/27/10
20) Have a real compost pile
21) Take Izzie to obedience classes
22) Ride my bike to Kimberly pulling Micah
23) Refinish dining room chairs - 10/11/10
24) Ski the full rails to trails in one direction
25) Run a half marathon - Missoula 07/11/10
26) Run a marathon
27) Use up my fabric stash (so that I actually have a reason to buy more)
28) Make taro bread
29) Put inventory in my Etsy shop
30) Make some furniture from the Knock Off Wood/Ana White plans
31) Girls' trip with L, S, K & R

Here are the stragglers...

Get scuba certified
Go back to school
Visit L&K in New Zealand
Island hop in Greece
Island hop in Hawaii
Travel around in Vietnam
Travel around in Thailand
Travel around in Japan
Travel around in Chile
Teach foods/home ec
Go on a cruise
Go on safari
Build my dream house/kitchen
Ride in a helicopter
Raise chickens
Live abroad